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 alba real

  Imported (level 7,8)jumper, currently producing 100% premium foal status. Dual Registered with SA (Silla Argentina) & AHHA, (American Holsteiner Horse Association). Previously competing & placing in numerous mini prixs in Argentina before being injured. This mare is a fast & careful athlete. Imported as our Foundation mare for her temperament, correct conformation athletic ability & valuable blood.

  Alba Real Descends from the thoroughbred lines of Nasrullah, Man O' War & Fairplay. According to recent studies by Dr Peter Birdsall & the performance horse registry the stallion Nasrullah was ranked first in a all four categories of sport, (hunters, jumpers, dressage, & eventers). The goal was to find out what lines were showing up at top levels of competition. Data was then derived from the show season, horses were grouped by the discipline in which they were competing in & pedigree was analyzed and compiled.

  Man O' War Lines were also ranked in every category, 2nd place in hunters, 4th in jumpers, 4th in dressage & 2nd in eventing.

  The stallion Fairplay is most recognized for producing Blue Peter who produced the Ladykiller & Landgraf lines seen throughout Germany.

   Alba Real Inspected by the holsteiner horse association in '06 along with her first filly Wishful Thinking. Wishful Thinking scored premium status, 8 for conformation, 7 for movement, judges commented on her beautiful modern type. In '08 Alba produced Autobahn a premium filly & site champion who was exported to Germany and is currently competing in Sweden. Judges commented on her long lines, athletic build & modern type. Her '09 colt Crimson Cavalier, was another premium foal who scored an 8 for conformation & 7 on movement. He will go into a work program this spring. Judges commented on his correct conformation and beautiful type. In '11 she produced what would have been another premium foal by the German verband stallion Cancara. This beautiful filly named Dacara Real passed away at the young age of 3 months. In 12' we were lucky enough to get a full sister named Vida Real. This Filly was awarded Premium status at the inspection continuing Albas 100 percent record. Alba consistently produces refined beautiful foals, that are bold, athletic & willing to perform.



Alba Real shown Here at 16


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Nasrullah (1940-1959) was a British Thoroughbred & sire of 15 champions. Bred by the Aga Khan III in Ireland, and owned by Joseph McGrath of Brownstown Stud in County Kildare, Ireland. Nasrullah was a good, but temperamental horse. In 1950, Nasrullah was sent to stand at stud in the United States at Claiborne Farm in Paris, Kentucky. Nasrullah became one of the most important sires of the 20th century, leading the sire list five times. Among his sons are Bald Eagle, Jaipur, Red God, and U.S. Hall of Fame horses Bold Ruler, Noor and Nashua. Nasrullah is also a grandsire to Mill Reef, Secretariat and Ruffian. His influence continues to the present day not only in race horses but also in warmblood breeding.


Fairway foaled 1925 an English racehorse who, though a successful racer, became best known as a sire. An outstanding stud, he sired Blue Peter and Watling Street. Blue peter in turn produced sailing light & Lady killer. Ladykiller was best know for producing one of the leading sires in sport horse breeding today Landgraf. The introduction of  the English thoroughbred revolutionized the holsteiner breeding program. Fairway was foaled by Scapa Flow and sired by Phalaris. Unusually successful at stud, he was the top stallion in 1936, 1939, 1943, and 1944, siring winners of 394 horse races, including Watling, the 1942 Derby winner, before being retired from stud in 1945.

Man o'War in the eyes of most American racing fans. Man o'War was not just a great racehorse he became the standard by which all runners have been compared then and ever since. Everything he did was bigger than life, his accomplishments on the track, his dominance as a stallion, and his tremendous charisma that drew visitors from around the world to see him in life and in death. Man o'War, a horse of mythic proportions, was probably the greatest American racehorse ever, and the masterpiece created by the great breeder August Belmont.

War Relic (1938-1963) was an American Thoroughbred racehorse. A homebred of Samuel D. Riddle, his sire was the great Man o' War who was ranked #1 in the Blood-Horse magazine List of the Top 100 U.S. Racehorses of the 20th Century. His dam was Friar's Carse, the United States' Champion Two-Year-Old Filly of 1925 who was the daughter of Friar Rock, the 1916 Belmont Stakes winner and Horse of the Year. According to the National Sporting Library's Thoroughbred Heritage website, War Relic was the most successful sire of any of Man o' War's sons.

Relic on the  Cochi dam line war relic & the famous man o war. This particular sire line has become sought after in sport horse breeding. Many international jumpers as well as dressage & event horses stem from this thoroughbred line


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