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Benifits to importing horses with us
    Because we work closely with only a few breeders in Germany we are able to offer you the best  possible price for quality horses. We ship at costs and save you money where we can. Honest & upfront there is no doubling of commissions or hidden fees of any kind. We will work with you to find exactly what you are looking for while still maintaining your budget.    

    Registered horses from Germany are among the most lucrative to import. This is especially true for the German Warmblood breeds, due to they're rise in popularity & increased demand worldwide.
    State control of breeding in Germany ensures better bloodlines & higher quality standards within registered breeds. This system produces a greater number of high quality horses than you will find elsewhere. The result: more quality horses to choose from, comparatively lower prices, & greater value for your money. Secondly, German trainers are licensed, which means that the quality & consistency of German-trained horses is higher on average.


Costs of Importing
    The total cost of importing a horse varies according to your location age, gender & breeding status of the horse. Because shipping and exchange rates fluctuate & your location is a major factor, until the final sale we can only give an “average” price for importing a horse before knowing your particulars. For many customers it is a surprisingly affordable and cost-effective way to get a higher quality horse than is otherwise affordable or available to them.

    We do everything possible to assure that your horse is healthy & ready to travel, that all pre-export & entry requirements are met. Required fees have been paid, & that all paperwork is in order.
To be on the safe side, we only work with major air carriers and partners who have proven their reliability. We are personally involved throughout the entire process and do everything we can to ensure that you get accurate up-front quotes and no surprises.

    We invite you to contact us with your location & some brief information about the age & gender of the horse you are interested in. We will be glad to discuss importing costs with you and give you a preliminary estimate. We want you to get the most value for your money, and you can be assured that we will only recommend horses that are the best import value in your particular case.


Once the sale is final we will handle all of the details of importing your horse to your country. Immediately after the sale we will arrange for the required veterinary inspection, blood tests and certificates that your horse needs for international travel. It takes 7 days to get the result of the Piroplasmosis test. Results for the other three required tests— Coggins (equine infectious anaemia), Dourine and Glanders— take 3-5 days. When all tests return negative we can proceed with the export procedure. If your country requires your horse to have any additional vaccinations, they must be done at least 15 days prior to departure. During this waiting period your horse will remain boarded in Germany.

Prior to departure

  • Veterinary inspection, certified blood tests & vaccinations as required for travel

  • managing all paperwork necessary, health & travel certificates

  • Scheduling flights, coordinating with the shipper

  • Trailering your horse to the departure airport

  • All air travel fees, including airfare and container

  • All in-transit care, including bedding, feed and an accompanying caretaker/handler for your horse

  • Dealing with the necessary government agencies, regulators and organizations

  • Clearing your horse through local customs

  • Supervising the unloading process

  • Accompanying your horse to the quarantine facility and checking it in;

  • Contacting you with a full transit report upon arrival.

Costs not included in quote

  • As with any horse you consider purchasing, you will want a pre-sale veterinary examination. This exam is different from the veterinary inspection and tests required for travel. The cost will be separate. We will help you arrange a thorough and fair pre-sale inspection with our independent veterinarian or one you choose. We naturally encourage you to visit Germany to personally inspect the horses you are considering.

  • If you would like insurance that covers your horse during transit & in quarantine. You can get this through your local insurance company or shiiping company.

  • Once your horse is free to go from quarantine you will need to line up shipping with us or another company to your farm.

    We will send you a complete transport cost quote as early as possible after your purchase of the horse. When all your questions have been answered & all arrangements meet your approval, we will finalize the schedule and book the flight. The easiest way to arrange pay is by direct bank-to-bank wire transfer. We will need to pre-pay all shipping fees, so the full amount will need to be received by our bank at least 3 days prior to your horse’s scheduled departure. You should talk to your bank about how long it takes them to process wire transfers and start the procedure early enough to avoid delays.
    The most important thing is to be somewhat flexible about your shipping dates. As with all air travel, airline fees and availability of space change often. Your flexibility will give us the ability to coordinate travel at the best rate. When importing a young stallion or mare, you may save extra quarantine fees if the horse can be transported before its second birthday. We will advise you on any opportunities that may save you money.



    Required quarantine periods vary by country. In the US the quarantine for geldings & horses under 2 years of age is 3 days. Mares of breeding age require an additional 2 weeks in quarantine while they are checked for CEM. Stallions entering the US require 4 weeks in quarantine.
Contact us for up-to-date information on quarantine requirements in your country.
    Your horse will initially be quarantined in the official short-term quarantine center at the arrival airport. If your horse requires additional quarantine beyond the standard 3-day period, it will then be transferred in a certified and sealed rig to the government approved long-term quarantine facility nearby. For each horse you are considering, we will make sure you understand the quarantine details in advance.
    If you are importing a horse by air to the United States there are three entry ports: Los Angeles, California; Miami, Florida; and Newburgh, New York. We will ship your horse to the entry port nearest you.


Pick Up
You will pick up your horse at the quarantine facility at the end of the quarantine period. We provide you with the date, location, and telephone numbers. You are responsible for transporting the horse from the quarantine facility to your stables. You should plan to collect the horse on the designated release day to avoid extra fees.

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